Why I moved


In learning about the craft of writing through my writers’ course, I have come to find out that  in order for me to begin my career as a Christian writer, I need to blog and create things around my name.

I had Fresh Wind Ministries for many years, and the name is dear to me and I wanted to update it and breathe life into it. I am now  moving  to new areas of my life.

We all face changes, and with each new change comes growth. I invite you to follow me to witness that change and growth, as I develop into my calling.   Also, you have permission to hold me accountable!

Perhaps this will inspire and challenge you to do the same.

Consider the call of God upon your life.  What have you been gifted with, are you in obedience to your gifts and calling?  If so,  you will be touching the lives around you, all pointing to hope.  If you are still unsure and have not stepped out yet, I encourage you to do so.  You will not be disappointed because you will have the best cheerleader on your side, the Lord Jesus Christ!

2 thoughts on “Why I moved

  1. Hi, I write for God and have done so for over 10 years but I know He is taking me to a deeper level to learn the craft of writing. I joined Faithwriters.com 10 years and up until now I’ve been in and out, so I took a leap of faith to start doing the weekly challenges to get back into writing. What kind of writing course do you do? Can you recommend any links to online workshops?


    1. Hi Jacky,
      I have finished Tribe Writers by Jeff Goins. The information is valuable and has helped me greatly. I was on Faithwriters years ago and I should re-visit the site. Thank you for your comment, and blessings on your writing.


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