How to hear the voice of God

Have you believed God does not speak to you, or you cannot hear His voice?

Have you presumed you are unworthy of hearing the voice of God, or you have sinned so terribly, you believe God ignores you?

The word says in John 10:27 –  My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.


Are you His sheep? If so, you can hear His voice, regardless of your past.

I love teaching those I minister to how to hear the voice of God. It is very rewarding when I have someone sitting in front of me, frustrated and embarrassed because they cannot hear His voice, and they leave the session hearing God.

The main reason for the blockage is the lie they have believed:  God ignores me, I can’t hear His voice, or God only speaks to those in the pulpit.

They may also feel unworthy of Hearing His voice.

The truth is, they have believed the lie which says:  God does not speak to me.

The enemy places guilt because of past sins, backsliding or whatever, when in reality, it is only a matter of teaching them how to hear His voice.

The first thing I do is encourage my client and explain they have believed the father of lies, satan,  and I replace it with the truth.

The truth which  says, you are worthy of hearing His voice, God sent His son and the veil is ripped and you now have direct access to God.

I also let them know they are valuable, and God loves to talk.

Once they receive the truth in their hearts, I am ready to continue.

I have read Marks’ Virkler book  how to the the voice of God several times, and It’s a book  I recommend to those I minister  if they have trouble hearing His voice.

I share with those in a ministry session the four keys to hearing God’s voice as explained by Mark Virkler.

  • be still
  • fix your eyes on Jesus
  • tune to spontaneity
  • record the vision or journal

Habakkuk 2: 1-3.

What I am about to share is the super short version of hearing the voice of God.  I know this short excerpt will help because I have seen it work.

God speaks as thoughts coming to our mind

Many believe they need to hear God in an audible voice. That is not so, it’s through thoughts that come to the mind or even a gut feeling about something.

Sometimes they need to hand fear, doubt, and unbelief to God and repent for believing the lie. When this happens, they begin hearing His voice.

We  begin our listening exercise. I start off with a simple question, my client closes his or her eyes, they focus on Jesus  and I ask them to say the first thing that comes to their mind.

They are greatly encouraged when I share  I heard the same thing.

Of course, this gives them hope and encouragement to continue.

We do several more exercises, and they begin to hear more. While they are hearing what comes to their mind, they are writing this down.  In doing so, I am teaching them how to journal.

Learning to hear God’s voice has evolved for me over the years. Before it was just short sentences, but as I have grown I now have two-way conversations.

More questions I ask God, the more I grow

Journaling has become my way of  understanding problems I face. There are times where I have a misconception about a person or  situation,  or the Lord is teaching me something new.

Journaling has caused me to learn, mature and grow.

Have you felt  God does not speak to you? It is simply not true.

If you are His sheep, you know His voice, and He speaks to you. All we need to do is stop, quiet ourselves, fix our eyes on Jesus, ask a question and wait for the thoughts to come in.

Write down those thoughts, and continue to listen and focus on Jesus. This is a proven method. I understand there are other ways and methods, and that’s fine.

The goal is to hear His voice whichever approach  works best for you.

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