How to avoid your love from growing cold

More than ever, we live in a busy world.  Not only a busy world but a world where evil is increasing.   Every day there is a shooting,  killing and terrorism is mounting.  Because of this, it is quite easy to be fearful, worried and stressed out.

This can cause us to be extra cautious with our time, our lives and places we visit.  It can also bring about cold love.


What is cold love?   The best I can describe it, you lose passion.  I am not talking about a passion between husband and wife, but a passion for serving and loving your brothers and sisters in Christ, and love as Christ loves us.

The Good News Bible says this:  Matthew 24:12  Such will be the spread of evil that many people’s love will grow cold.

The spread of evil.  We see this today.  Because of this evil, love will grow cold.  

I hope I don’t find myself in that category.

Because of the busyness of life,   we find ourselves stressed, and without time for friends, family, much less intimacy with God.

It is unavoidable that at some time in your life you were hurt.  People are human, we fail, we lash out, we hurt those around us.  The hurt and bitterness play a role in having your love grow cold.

To avoid having cold love, forgive the person who hurt you and repent of your attitude. God gives you a way out of the pain, it´s called love.  Choose to embrace His love, healing, and forgiveness.

This process brings health and wholeness to all areas of your life.

When there is love, there is commitment.   The measure of your love is found in the depth of your commitment.

Please don´t allow the past hurts of your life determine your future. Don´t withdraw from being committed to loving.

Use opportunities to grow.  When you stumble over the hurt and pain that has been caused by others, do you get back up and continue loving, or do you allow that painful experience to hold you back from giving your all?

Don´t let the enemy win. God gave His best for us, His only son. I cannot think of a greater act of love.

I don’t know where I would be if it were not for the commitment of my friends, family, and church towards me.  Because they have shown me love, I chose to do the same, and hope to influence others around me with the pure love of Christ.

Remember, God is not looking for perfection, just obedience, and a willing heart.

Christ accepts us in our imperfections, we should do the same with those around us.

While the enemy would love for us to see these setbacks as problems, make it a problem for him, don´t fall for it. Choose not be filled with hurt, anger, and bitterness, instead, choose to be filled with the love of Christ.

Show the devil love wins.  Remember, the highest form of love began on the cross.

6 thoughts on “How to avoid your love from growing cold

  1. As I read this, I asked myself, “How will I know if my love has grown cold or not?” The only answer I could come up with is that I will no longer obey His commandments. (John 14:15)


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