How to see in the spirit exercise

In my last post regarding Seeing in the Spirit,  I shared my journey into something new and the beginning steps to achieve this goal.

Today I would like to share with you an exercise these books suggest you do to increase your capacity to “see” in the spiritual realm.  If you have not yet purchased these books, I encourage you to do so.

see in the spirit


One of these exercises to seeing in the spirit is the following: I am to sit or lie down in a darkened room that has some light present, but not much. This exercise works well for me in the mornings, as the sunlight is starting to shine through the blinds in our bedroom.  Where I live sunrise is 5:30 a.m, every morning, every day, all year round.

In this exercise, I am to “look” at the empty space between me and the ceiling, or a far wall for ten minutes, and try to detect any images that appear and make note of them. I am not to dismiss “my eyes playing tricks on me” but pay attention to what I am seeing.  When I do this, I look intently, asking God to open my spiritual eyes so that I can “see.”

As I began doing this exercise, I saw a swirling white object move in the room and it seemed to go from side to side. I also saw something quite strange, and the only way I can explain it, its shape was a volume bar, white in color and it was going from side to side as well.

The next part of this exercise is to ask the Lord what I saw and make a note of it in my journal.

In journaling,  the Lord said the following:  ” What I saw was an Angel called Lapidus, and Lapidus brings joy and peace. The music bar-shaped was another Angel, and this Angel was giving God glory, praise and honor, and exalting his name.  He was dancing, praising God.”

I looked up the meaning of Lapidus, and it means made of stone, pleasant or charming.

We have had our praise music on more than normal since I began doing these exercises, and it has made a difference in our household atmosphere. I sense more peace and joy.

I am encouraged as I began “seeing in the spirit.”  I still have much to learn and grow.  I am seeing dimly for now, but I have faith as I continue these training exercises it will become clearer as I press forward.

I continue to repeat these exercises.  Sometimes I see something new, other times I see the same Angel swirling around.  It is quite fun, to say the least!

I will be sharing another exercise and its results in my next post.

4 thoughts on “How to see in the spirit exercise

  1. I am a skeptical country boy when it comes to stuff like this. Where in the Bible does it say we can do this? Can we actually make the gift – discerning of spirits – work without the Holy Spirit’s input? (1 Corinthians 12:10-11)


    1. I agree, the Holy Spirit must always be present with the spiritual gifts working.
      When Daniel had visions, he ´would look´ , some versions say ´kept looking´. It is new, and the books do explain more on this subject. Blessings and thank you for your comment.


  2. Excellent teaching, Yvette. The Hebrew word “look” used here and in Numbers 21:9 (look upon the bronze serpent) means to “stare steadfastly upon”

    We have been taught to water down our walk and our spiritual senses.. language such as I was :”moving in the spirit” lend to the false idea that we step INTO the Spirit rather than stare steadfastly on the reality we are spirit beings that are in communion with the HS speaking to our own spirit 24/7… its just that our soul (the gatekeeper) will not consent and yield the throne of our heart to the Lordship our the Spirit of God within us.

    Thank you for this reminder and encouragement, Yvette.

    Your brother


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