5 ways to increase your prayer life

Have you ever been at a loss for words when in a prayer group or ministry time and felt intimidated by those around you, especially the way they prayed and spoke over someone?    My idea was, they prayed everything and so well and so eloquently, I possibly could not add to it.  So therefore, I would not pray.

The Bible says some of the  Apostles were unlearned men.  But, they were with Jesus and spent time with him and learned to speak like Jesus.

Acts 4:13 The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.

Imagine speaking like Jesus!  Do you think this is available for us today?  I do.

5 ways to increase prayer life

So how did I learn to pray and not feel ashamed about saying what was on my heart?

Here are five steps that I learned along the way that can be of some benefit to you.

a)  I listened to the way others prayed. I paid attention to their prayers and the words they used.  I was especially impressed with how they were able to incorporate scripture when praying over someone.

b) Learn to hear the voice of God.  There are many wonderful books on how to hear the voice of God.  Just to mention a few authors:  Shawn Bolz, Mark Virkler. Don´t just read the books, apply the principles taught in them.  When you do, you will be pleasantly surprised.

c) Spend time in prayer and meditation of the word.  God invented meditation, and it is something we are to do. It is simply repeating the scripture over and over.  Writing down the verse will help you memorize it, and chew on each word.

d) Journal.  Where would I be without my journal, I write everything down.  In my prayer times, I express my gratitude, my love, my frustrations and prayer request.  While journaling, don´t forget to listen and write down what you hear God saying back to you.  Develop two-way communication.  It is available to you and within reach.

e) Practice, step out in faith. There comes a time where you have to take the plunge and step out in faith.  You will be surprised as you yield to the Holy Spirit, He will guide and lead you.  Don´t worry if you make a few mistakes, we all have to start somewhere.  The idea is to get going, and before you know it, your will have a flavored prayer life.

Start praying those awesome prayers inside of you.  As you do, the receiver is blessed, and so are you.

What other ways have you learned about developing a prayer life?  I would love to hear about in the comments.


7 ways to grow your faith

We live in a very busy world. Everywhere we go, people and things are vying for our attention. It could be the latest cell phone, tablet, or book to read, the choices today are endless. Our families complain because we don’t spend time with them, our boss wants more of us, and we go to bed tired.

Our time is valuable.

Grow your faith

If we are not careful, neglect can set it. We need to be intentional about what is important to us,  how to prioritize and learn to say no to what is not beneficial in our lives.

One of the relationships we should never neglect is our relationship with God. We should not allow our spiritual growth to languish.  This should be on the top of our list.

But where do we begin? How do we grow our relationship and faith with the Lord?

Here are a few tips. It is up to you how long you would like to spend in each section.  Doing just a few of these a few days of the week and consistently, you will notice a change begin to happen inside of you.

Here they are:

Read your Bible. Yes, a very common one, but one that is often overlooked. Reading or hearing the word has become very easy. There are excellent Bible apps and even audio versions of the Bible.

Resist the sins of the flesh. The world is full of advertisements, and the world portrays evil as good. Sexual sin, pornography, addictions are strongholds. It’s best to avoid them then fall into their trap.

Help where you can in your church. Our pastors and leaders need us. Helping, even in the most minimum of way brings gratitude to your heart. If you see a void, fill it. If unsure, ask and it will be given to you.

Learn to surrender. We love to hold onto things, to be in control of our lives, family, and circumstances. But there is One who holds our future in His hands, and He really does know best. In a struggle, surrender to God and peace will fill your heart.

Practice gratitude. Thanking and giving thanks with a sincere heart causes the enemy to flee seven ways. Even when things are not going well, I am sure you can make a list of many things to be grateful for. Go ahead, say them out loud, and experience the gratefulness that fills your heart

Practice love. Learn to love like Jesus did. Avoid strife, gossip, and contention, and learn to walk away from arguments.

Learn to hear God´s voice. Yes, you can hear God´s voice and receive peace and guidance. There are many excellent books and teaching if you are unsure where to begin. I would like to recommend Mark Virkler Book, 4 Keys to Hearing God´s voice.

I hope these are useful for you. If you know of other tips, please share them in the comments, I would love to hear from you.


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How to hear the voice of God

Have you believed God does not speak to you, or you cannot hear His voice?

Have you presumed you are unworthy of hearing the voice of God, or you have sinned so terribly, you believe God ignores you?

The word says in John 10:27 –  My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.


Are you His sheep? If so, you can hear His voice, regardless of your past.

I love teaching those I minister to how to hear the voice of God. It is very rewarding when I have someone sitting in front of me, frustrated and embarrassed because they cannot hear His voice, and they leave the session hearing God.

The main reason for the blockage is the lie they have believed:  God ignores me, I can’t hear His voice, or God only speaks to those in the pulpit.

They may also feel unworthy of Hearing His voice.

The truth is, they have believed the lie which says:  God does not speak to me.

The enemy places guilt because of past sins, backsliding or whatever, when in reality, it is only a matter of teaching them how to hear His voice.

The first thing I do is encourage my client and explain they have believed the father of lies, satan,  and I replace it with the truth.

The truth which  says, you are worthy of hearing His voice, God sent His son and the veil is ripped and you now have direct access to God.

I also let them know they are valuable, and God loves to talk.

Once they receive the truth in their hearts, I am ready to continue.

I have read Marks’ Virkler book  how to the the voice of God several times, and It’s a book  I recommend to those I minister  if they have trouble hearing His voice.

I share with those in a ministry session the four keys to hearing God’s voice as explained by Mark Virkler.

  • be still
  • fix your eyes on Jesus
  • tune to spontaneity
  • record the vision or journal

Habakkuk 2: 1-3.

What I am about to share is the super short version of hearing the voice of God.  I know this short excerpt will help because I have seen it work.

God speaks as thoughts coming to our mind

Many believe they need to hear God in an audible voice. That is not so, it’s through thoughts that come to the mind or even a gut feeling about something.

Sometimes they need to hand fear, doubt, and unbelief to God and repent for believing the lie. When this happens, they begin hearing His voice.

We  begin our listening exercise. I start off with a simple question, my client closes his or her eyes, they focus on Jesus  and I ask them to say the first thing that comes to their mind.

They are greatly encouraged when I share  I heard the same thing.

Of course, this gives them hope and encouragement to continue.

We do several more exercises, and they begin to hear more. While they are hearing what comes to their mind, they are writing this down.  In doing so, I am teaching them how to journal.

Learning to hear God’s voice has evolved for me over the years. Before it was just short sentences, but as I have grown I now have two-way conversations.

More questions I ask God, the more I grow

Journaling has become my way of  understanding problems I face. There are times where I have a misconception about a person or  situation,  or the Lord is teaching me something new.

Journaling has caused me to learn, mature and grow.

Have you felt  God does not speak to you? It is simply not true.

If you are His sheep, you know His voice, and He speaks to you. All we need to do is stop, quiet ourselves, fix our eyes on Jesus, ask a question and wait for the thoughts to come in.

Write down those thoughts, and continue to listen and focus on Jesus. This is a proven method. I understand there are other ways and methods, and that’s fine.

The goal is to hear His voice whichever approach  works best for you.